Who am I?

If the short tagline below my blog’s name on the homepage didn’t fill you in enough, allow me to talk about myself. I’ll spare the presumptuous third-person self-advertisement and just write to you directly.

My name is Aaron Newark. I write, I read, and that’s just about it, aside from enjoying the nights with a bottle of whiskey and two packs of cigarettes. Below is a picture of me.


The strange apparatus in my hand is from a ceremonial event I attended during my stay in Japan. The name has slipped my mind. You pay forty bucks, they give you one, and you receive good luck and a cool souvenir to take home. I didn’t spend the forty bucks.

My prime goal in life is to further my education, a task made twice as daunting by the fact that I’m completely fucking broke. You see, I was enrolled and set to attend Important State University after a two-year stint on a community campus. Then they sent me the bill. Now I write an internet blog.

There are not set guidelines on what I’ll do with this thing. Instead, take it as my little nestle in the wonderful web of the internet, and you’re welcome at any time to visit. I’ll post some of my plays, scripts, short fiction, and more as the ideas come. In addition, I’ll shed a little bit of commentary here and there on the recent goings of the world.

Feel free to contact me through here. I do not use e-mail as frequently as I probably should, and this and my Facebook are the best methods for reaching out to me.

All the best,


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